Internet Explorer 10 slow browsing on server 2008 R2.


Today I was troubleshooting an issue with the slow loading of IE pages. For example when a user starts IE it takes +- 20 seconds for to load. took about 15 seconds.

Tried a different browser. same result.
Resorted to google dns. same result.

After turning on developer tools on IE I noticed the traffic flow.
From http to https to another https site.

12-5-2015 13-26-43

This pointed me in the direction of an ssl problem.
As it turns out the internet explorer setting “check for server certificate revocation” was the issue. After unchecking this box the page loaded instantly.

From a security perspective this setting should be on but the performance impact is to severe.

12-5-2015 16-01-36

adminInternet Explorer 10 slow browsing on server 2008 R2.

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