xenmobile please contact support for access to your apps

After re-enrolling several ios devices today I came across a strange issue. Basic enrollment went fine. The final step of enrollment is the starting of worx-home. At this point it has succesfully enrollend in MDM but should now show the avaiable worx apps. At this point I would receive the error message: please contact support for access to your apps. Even after rebooting and completely reenrolling I would still receive this message.

After checking the log file on the client I came across this error message:

Error getting SF accounts service url from AG. Status code: 403, data:Error: Not a privileged User. After checking the device manager and appcontroller the only conclusion I had left that something was wrong with the connecting between the worxhome and the netscaler. After checking for active sessions I noticed there was still an active session for this user. After terminating this session I could reenter my password in worx-home and see my worx-apps!

The environment consists of xenmobile Enterprise 9 with netscaler 10.5

While the error indicates it was not a priviliged user. The actual issue was the netscaler license limit in for univeral licenses.

Go to global settings in netscaler gateway and change the aaa settings. Change the default value of maximum users from 5 to a higher number.

adminxenmobile please contact support for access to your apps

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